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American DJ Bubbletron Bubble Machine

american dj bubbletron bubble machine

american dj bubbletron bubble machineProduct: American DJ Bubbletron Bubble Machine

The American DJ Bubbletron Bubble Machine has a Large high velocity fan, which allows hundreds of bubbles to be produced per minute.

This works by pouring the water-based bubble liquid solution into the pump and then the fan lifts the hundreds of bubbles high into the air.

Making hundreds of bubbles fill the room from the ground to the roof.

The Bubbletron also uses most types of water-based bubble liquid so there is no need to worry about your bubble liquid not applying.

With that, it can consume 1 litre of liquid every 50 minutes when powered with 110V & 1 Litre every 90 mins when powered with 230V.

The bubbles leave no marks or residue so once finished, just simply flick the off switch that is situated on the rear of the machine to completely turn it off.

The lightweight Bubbletron is very easy to transport with it’s super sturdy and durable carry handle, you can easily take your machine and as many bubbles as you like from place to place, which makes it perfect for mobile DJs, parties and touring artists.

American DJ Bubbletron Bubble Machine Features

  • Portable high output bubble machine – creates hundreds of bubbles per minute
  • Durable plastic casing with EZ-Access front fluid tank
  • Large high velocity fan makes bubbles rise quickly in the air
  • ON/OFF switch on rear of unit
  • ON/OFF Non Removable wired remote with 25 ft./8M cable
  • Carrying handle
  • Most types of bubble liquid acceptable


  • Power Consumption: 24W @ 110V, 10W @ 230V
  • Fluid Consumption Rate: 1 Liter every 50 min. (110V), 1 liter every 90 mins. (230V)
  • Multi-voltage: AC120-230V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 352(L) x 176(W) x 209(H) mm
  • Weight: 2kg.

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