dj smoke machine

DJ Smoke Machine

Want to make your lights look even better with a DJ Smoke machine ?

DJ Equipment Showroom have an extensive range of DJ Smoke Machines with budgets to suit all pockets for both beginner and professional DJ.

Smoke machines are used in order to create the illusion of a smoke cloud, which adds atmosphere and ambience to your performances.

Floor standing or truss mounted smoke machines, create a fog or faze effect on either stages of to floor rooms. Smoke, fog and haze machines optimise the impact of your lighting rig and when used with lasers, create an amazing visual effect.

Many machines can be operated through a lighting controller using DMX, letting the DJ control the volume and frequency of the smoke output. Other machines come with a dedicated built in remote control. We also have an excellent selection of haze, fog & smoke fluid, depending upon the density of the smoke required for your needs.

dj smoke machine

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