DMX Lighting Controllers

DMX Lighting Controllers

DJ Equipment Showroom have an extensive range of DMX Lighting Controllers with budgets to suit all pockets for both beginner and professional DJ.

DMX Controllers allow the manual operation and control of lighting fixtures, plus fog, haze and other effects machines, which are of course, essential elements of any great lighting rig.

You can change colours and washes of LED par cans, swap gogo patterns and operate lasers. Lighting controllers use the industry standard DMX512 protocol, which allows universal compatibility with any DMX equipped units.

Many DMX controllers come with faders for each channel, to allow dimming and fade times of certain lighting units. Many units also have sound to light capability, which can be used to automatically operate pre-programmed routines, which are stored within the controller.

DMX Lighting Controllers

At DJ equipment showroom, we have broken down our categories by both brand and price bracket, making it easier to find the perfect controller to suit your needs !

DMX Lighting Controllers By Brand

Chauvet Obey 6 DMX Controller

Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Controller

DMX Lighting Controllers By Price


Chauvet Obey 6 DMX Controller – £69


Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Controller – £129