moving head disco lights

Moving Head Disco Lights

DJ Equipment Showroom have an extensive range of Moving Head Disco Lights with budgets to suit all pockets for both beginner and professional DJ.

Moving head light are a pretty versatile and multi-functional lighting effects, which add an extra dimension and pretty dynamic elements to your light show, through the dramatic movement of bright light beams and vibrant colours.

Spotlight moving heads are designed to give a tight beam of moving light, which delivers a focused and defined effect. Many of the spot moving head disco lights feature gobo functionality, giving you the option to project a specific pattern, images or even logos.

moving head disco lights

When more of the stage area requires illumination, wash moving heads provide a wider beam of light for wider coverage, or if needed, a more subtle effect.

With moving or intelligent lighting, you can also manipulate movement of colour, patterns or even create an entire light show sequence through a control lighting desk.

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